PHYX Stylist
Add photographic style to your projects today GPU accelerated for increased speed. Price $99 USD Add to Cart


Do you want to add style to your projects ? Meet PHYX Stylist.

PHYX Stylist is a collection of simulated photography filters and effects.
Powerful skin relighting and realistic fog give the perfect touch.
PHYX Stylist is a set of 5 plugins designed to give your projects new light.
Give your projects style with PHYX Stylist.

SUPPORTS: Apple Final Cut Pro (7 and 10), Apple Motion (4 and 5), Adobe After Effects (CS 5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC), Adobe Premiere Pro (CS6 and CC).


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Simulate Night Vision, Old or Damaged Televisions, Electronic Microscopes/ Telescopes/Rifle Scopes, Smart-Bomb videos, etc., with ease. Powerful optcal, scanline, and noise tools give you the power and flexibility you need. Recreate the video artifacts of yesteryear. Create the electronic style you need with CathodeRay.


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Many fog effects simply ‘grey’ your images. Fog Generator simulates moving, breathing fog with powerful control over detail, density, and image diffusion. Also, Fog Generator allows you to use a depth channel for ultimate realism. Add realistic fog to your projects today.


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Goes beyond an old 'contrast' control to truly reduce greyish haze from your scenes. Restores clarity and color. Also includes a ‘polarizer-simulation’ filter to increase image density. Remove that greyish cast from your images, and get your footage clear today with HazeRemoval.


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Ever wish you could relight your actors ? Skin Light ‘bounces’ light on to talent’s skin, with controls over the reflector’s color, and amount of light. Repair sickly skintones, and even-out poor lighting. See your actors in a new light with Skin Light.


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This eye-catching plugin generates sparkles on highlights, giving an effect similar to a star filter with control over size, color, and intensity. Make your projects shine with SparklerStar.




PHYX Cleaner 2.0 requires FxFactory 4 or above.
FxFactory requires ATI, NVIDIA or Intel HD graphics.
Apple OS X 10.7, 10.8, or 10.9


Apple Final Cut Pro (7 and 10), Apple Motion (4 and 5), Adobe After Effects (CS 5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC),
Adobe Premiere Pro (CS6 and CC).





"Very few parameters, in the case of these Phyx plug-ins, means they are quite painless and fast to operate. The results are easily excellent, and the price is very reasonable. "

Michael Hanish
TVTechnology (see full review)

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