For FxFactory


PHYX Cleaner

Repair and enhance your footage to look its best. Take your projects to the next level.

PHYX Color

The Award-winning tools to create unique looks, and simulate vintage photgraphic processes. Winner of the DV Award of Excellence.

PHYX Defocus

Simulate popular Tilt/Shift lenses with accelerated bokeh. Create rack focus shots to give your projects depth.

PHYX Flarelight

Create lens flares, simulate anamorphic glare, and more. Give your projects flair.

PHYX Keyer

This is the plugins that made us famous around the world. See for yourself how fast and easy keying can be.

PHYX Stylist

Simulate photographic filters and electronic imaging processes to get the stylish looks you need.






  • Apple Final Cut Pro 7
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 10
  • Apple Motion 4/5
  • Adobe After Effects CS5/5.5/6/CC
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6/CC
  • Noise Industries FxFactory 4 or above
  • Apple OS X 10.7, 10.8,or 10.9


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